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2 months, 1 week ago
gritty67 @witwiki
> Clayming Space : Dear Grant Funders, I wanted to start by saying thank you for your support so far. I will be closing down this grant. After contacting Gitcoin support, we were notified that we cannot have two grants for the same project. Therefore, we will be shutting this down and creating a new one consolidating Clayming Space with it. Have some exciting announcements and will put them in the new grant. I have taken a last snapshot and cataloged all addresses. All funds from this grant will go to a multisig being created for the new grant. Addresses here will be part of the list of grant funders in the new grant, when we decide to do something for our early supporters in the future. Until then be safe and keep a look out if you're still keen on following the project at watchtower.world (or) its twitter handle @WatchtowerDAO. You can follow me on (doxed) twitter as well if you'd like @gritty_67 Thanks again, gritty
12 months ago
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