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Brouhaha @elephanttree58
> Elephant in the Room - Strategic Climate Solutions Campaigns : Excited that the @gitcoin alpha climate round is live from Jan. 17th - 31st. We want to thank all of our contributors for your past support and hope you will continue to‘vote’ for our projects. This round we are part of two bundles of projects. The first, the Emerging Economies and Indigenous Communities bundle (http://bit.ly/3ZIvHRx) has the mission of empowering communities through sustainable, scalable agriculture, climate action, clean energy sovereignty, equitable access, resiliency, advocacy and local environmental achievements. The second bundle, ACT NOW ( https://bit.ly/3klj1en) is 7 projects that are using activism and advocacy to affect environmental and social change. The projects in this bundle encompass everything from putting the Paris Agreement on chain to cleaning up junk both on earth and in the far reaches of outer space. We would be super grateful if you were able to contribute to these bundles this round!
4 months, 1 week ago