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1 month ago
contessalouise @contessalouise
> WeSeed : Thank you for supporting The WeSeed Project in GR15. We would love your continued support for the Gitcoin Simulated Round 1 - Mainnet via https://grant-explorer.gitcoin.co/#/round/1/0xff519cf66c0ef800dcd32c92be89841859348fd6/0xf64a53d5aa19be1258623e52192d8cc475a0f2f65013561d8fb78f54a20ade6b-0xff519cf66c0ef800dcd32c92be89841859348fd6 This is a simulated round intended for testing out the protocol for both Gitcoin DAO contributors and a set of highly engaged grantees. Matching funds available: 5,000 DAI. Your support will help us continue to create a sustainable solution to food insecurity. Thank you, Contessa
3 months ago

Gitcoin | Grant Explorer

Create & Manage Rounds https://grant-explorer.gitcoin.co/

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