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thisispaff @thisispaff
> Take Up Space → Onboarding & Empowering BIPOC & LGBTQ+ Changemakers In Web3 : gm Changemaker! Thank you SO much for your support for Take Up Space in the last Gitcoin GR15 round. Touching base with some exciting updates that your contribution has helped to unlock🤝 This week, we are launching Take Up Space (TUS) DAO, a community-owned media company that is governed by the people. To kick things off, we are minting 150 Founders Token NFTs, which act as both membership pass and governance token to TUS DAO. We are bringing together a collective of creators, writers and artists who will help build a new era of decentralised media that you can *actually* see yourself in. An era where we can tell, and own our own stories.📣 Want to join us on this journey? The Founders Token NFT pre-sale goes live this Tuesday 13th December. Enter your details here to join the allowlist: https://heymint.xyz/take-up-space-dao Or, subscribe to updates below: -> Twitter: https://twitter.com/takeupspacehq -> Email: https://takeupspacenft.substack.com/ Thank you for your support!
5 months, 3 weeks ago

Take Up Space DAO

Sign up for the allowlist for Take Up Space DAO! https://heymint.xyz/take-up-space-dao