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Thanks again everyone for building on Tezos for this hackathon! Special thanks to the teams of mavryk, tezsure and TZconnect for reading, running, testing, and judging the code you all submitted. Here is the final decision of the judges: Lending Protocols: 🥇 NCFlash - $13000 in tez 🥈 Lend Tezos - $5000 in tez 🥉 Prestramo - $2000 in tez Derivatives And/Or Synthetics: 🥇 Tezos Synthetics Exchange by waylad - $13000 in tez 🎖️ Honorable Mention: $1500 for Squatz & Zenith as an encouragement to continue building their projects that haven’t been created for this hackathon. Keep an eye out for the next upcoming hackathons and keep building! #announce
8 months, 3 weeks ago