Do More Work, Faster

Gitcoin is the easiest way
to leverage the open source community
to incentivize or monetize work.
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Augment Your Team's Workflow

Save time on non-core tasks, build out interesting features, squash pesky bugs. Create space for your core team to focus on the right problems.

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Hire Global Talent

Gitcoiner’s include designers and developers working in countries all around the world. Get to to know potential talent through the projects that you bounty. What better way to interview?

How To Get Started
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Grow Your Open Source Community

Kickstart interest on your open source project by posting on Gitcoin, where 3,000+ developers will see what you’re building.

Post a Bounty

Fund An Issue. Grow Your Project.

Post A Bounty.

Fund a well specified issue on your Github repo which is a good candidate for external contribution.

Work With A Gitcoiner.

Provide a Gitcoiner with a timeline and collaborate to complete the task.

Grow Your Project.

Merge the Gitcoiner’s contribution, pay for a job well done, and grow a healthy open source ecosystem.

Fund an Issue

Gitcoin is a bounty-based collaboration tool that works easily with Github

Contribute to Open Source. Get Paid.

Find An Open Bounty.

Whether it's Bugs, Features, or Security Issues, Gitcoin's Issue Explorer is the easiest way to find paid work in open source.

Build Something Great.

Select an open issue, work on a project, collaborate, build your skills, and contribute towards the open source projects.

Get Paid.

Payments are Ethereum-based, & released automatically after code is accepted by the bounty submitter.

Browse the Issue Explorer!

Gitcoin is a bounty-based collaboration tool that works easily with Github

Why Gitcoin?

A Mission to Grow Open Source.

A community for developers to collaborate and monetize their skills while working on Open Source projects through bounties.

Our Mission

Focused on builders.

Gitcoin has delivered $16mm+ to developers building the open internet


Grow Open Source

Who's Using Gitcoin?

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Recent Activity On Our Programming Bounties

[BOUNTY] Extend Swarm gateway to support registering uploaded files (to FairOS pod)

2855.40 BZZ

1500.00 USD

[BOUNTY] PDF viewer Dapp for Fairdrive, using Blossom to access fdp-storage

1903.60 BZZ

1000.00 USD

[BOUNTY] Implement a dApp using Blossom extension and fdp-storage

2855.40 BZZ

1500.00 USD

1 day, 12 hours ago
2 days, 1 hour ago