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Gitcoin Virtual Hackathon

L2 Rollathon: a Virtual Hackathon

May 2, 2022 - May 22, 2022

This hackathon event had ended at May 22, 2022, 11:59 p.m., please check the ongoing hackathons.

//May 02, 2022 - May 22, 2022

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Why join the L2 Rollathon?

While buzzwords are tantamount to a dynamic crypto environment, some of them have cause to stick. Although Layer 2 scaling ecosystems are still quite young, 2022 is shaping to be an L222 year for Ethereum’s ecosystem as these various networks take off and gain traction. As teams continue to work on gas optimizations, user experiences, dev tools, and network constraints, they will start to bring a lot of developer attention which will bolster the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole.

Consensys, 2022

Gitcoin Events aims to ready developers for such a future by collaborating with top organizations working in the L2 ecosystem. In hosting the L2 Rollathon, we're on a mission to engage, onboard, and educate participants on scaling protocols and tooling to create the best possible UX for the future of web3.

Join Gitcoin’s vibrant community of developers getting paid to build open source. This community includes more than 200,000 active builders who have collectively generated $50+ million for digital public goods. Join a sponsored hackathon and team up with fellow hackers to tackle new challenges, learn new skills, and earn rewards in the process!

L2 Rollathon Timeline:

Workshop Schedule

All workshops will be happening via Airmeet.

May 2
@ 1 PM EST
Kick off Party
Join the Gitcoin Team and we start the hackathon, go over procedures and introduce our sponsors.
May 3
@ 1 PM EST
Meter development overview
Learn the basics of developing on Meter for Ethereum developers. The RPC and RESTful APIs. Contract deployment and verification. The behavior difference between Meter and Ethereum.
May 4
@ 10 AM EST
Scaling Ethereum With Polygon
Basic overview of different tools in the polygon ecosystem starting from the POS chain and going into available solutions like edge and other zk products.
May 5
@ 12 PM EST
Web3 Single Sign On - Login with Unstoppable
Learn how to integrate Login with Unstoppable and collect on & off-chain data. Enable your users to own their digital identity and verify their humanity by claiming free NFT domains. Empower users to permission data that you can use for rewards, incentives and user growth.
May 5
@ 7 PM EST
Introduction to IPFS & Filecoin
The definitive version of the "Introduction to IPFS & Filecoin" workshop! Understand the fundamentals of decentralized storage, IPFS & Filecoin and dev tools to start building your projects using IPFS and Filecoin - regardless of the L2 chain you're using. You can post your questions on the IPFS-Filecoin channel on Discord!
May 5
@ 8 PM EST
Not on IPFS? Not your NFT - Creating NFTs the right way
Hands on session to use IPFS & Filecoin with your Dapp: Walk through with Ally Haire through a DApp with solidity ERC721 contract implementation using NFT.Storage on the React frontend to create personalised NFT’s and deployed on Fleek. Can be deployed to ETH, Polygon, Avax, or other EVM-compliant chains.
May 6
@ 8 PM EST
AMA about Decentralized Storage: IPFS & Filecoin
This is an informal session with IPFS & Filecoin Dev Advocate Alison Haire. Ask her about using IPFS & Filecoin in your project
May 9
@ 12 PM EST
Bounty Overview with Meter
Go over the bounties. Provide pointers and suggestions.
May 9
@ 4 PM EST
Building on Metis and Bounty Briefing
Tech Integrations Lead at Metis, Pavel Sinelnikov, will discuss building on Metis L2. Metis is an EVM-equivalent network with fast transactions and the cheapest gas fees across all L2s.
May 10
@ 1 PM EST
More in-depth knowledge of interacting with Meter
Tech intensive workshop where you will learn how Meter really works under the hoods.
May 11
@ 9 AM EST
Simplifying the L2 onboarding process for users
Onboarding to new L2s is a daunting task for most web3 newbies. You need to use bridges, have gas tokens on the other chain etc. The workshop will talk about how to make this onboarding process seamless so users can onboard quickly to your L2 dApp.
May 11
@ 12 PM EST
Deploying Ethereum applications on a rollup chain
Learn few tips about Solidity development and deployment of applications to EVM Layer 2 chains like rollups.
May 12
@ 11 AM EST
On-ramping Mainstream Users Globally to Web3
Web3 can be a confusing and intimidating place for new users. Dealing with the restrictions and compliance limitations of traditional finance to help your users onboard to web3 can be even more difficult and complicated. Until Transak. With just one easy integration, you can enable your users to buy over 100 cryptocurrencies with their credit/debit cards or bank transfers in over 100 countries around the world. Transak is an on/off-ramp fiat integration for blockchain developers.
May 16
@ 1 PM EST
Staking, node and consensus for Meter
Learn how the Meter consensun system works.
May 17
@ 9 AM EST
Enabling gasless meta-transactions on your dApps
We will introduce meta-transactions, and how to implement them for your web3 project. This will allow you to sponsor gas for your users so they enjoy a gasless experience. This is specially critical for projects looking to target web3 newbies, as meta-transactions abstract away ton of transaction complexities from the user.

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  5. RSVP to workshop schedule: TBA
  6. Check for updates on #🖖builders-general & #🚀l2-rollathon in the Gitcoin Discord and your email inbox

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