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Gitcoin Virtual Hackathon

Sovereign Data Hackathon

Oct 6, 2021 - Oct 21, 2021

This hackathon event had ended at Oct. 21, 2021, 11:59 p.m., please check the ongoing hackathons.

Sovereign Data Hackathon

By Ceramic Network

October 7 - October 21, 2021

πŸ‘‰ Join us in the Ceramic Discord and engage
with other participants in the "Hackathon" channel
& get help from sponsors in the "Dev Help" channel! πŸ‘ˆ

Build powerful, secure and flexible decentralized applications with Ceramic Network - scalable infrastructure for managing data and identities in web3. Ceramic is a dynamic data streaming protocol built on IPFS. For the first time, developers can now create and deploy data streams to a peer-to-peer network of production-ready Ceramic nodes.

The 2-week hackathon will offer support and prizes to developers building with the core data network (Ceramic), our cross-platform identity protocol (DID Data Store/Data Models), or creating critical tooling for the Ceramic ecosystem. In addition to the core bounties, there will also be workshops and other prizes from our partners contributing to Web3's identity and data stack.

Learn more about our powerful new tools for building applications on Ceramic here: https://blog.ceramic.network/the-next-architecture-for-building-web3-data-applications/

For support, join our Ceramic Discord to connect with our team and ask questions. We suggest starting with the "Dev Help" channel, and if you can't find an answer to your question, posting it directly in the "Hackathon" channel. Our sponsors will also be active in the "Hackathon channel," so you can post any questions related to co-sponsored bounties there as well


Ceramic Documentation - https://developers.ceramic.network/

Glaze Documentation - https://developers.ceramic.network/tools/glaze/overview/

Self.ID Documentation - https://developers.ceramic.network/tools/self-id/overview/

Ceramic Blog + Tutorials - https://blog.ceramic.network/

Ceramic Wiki - https://github.com/ceramicnetwork/ceramic/wiki#opportunities-to-contribute

Discord - chat.ceramic.network

Workshop Schedule:

October 07: Hackathon Kickoff- Introducing Ceramic's Sovereign Data Hackathon, an overview of the bounties totaling over $10,000 in prizes, and sharing a bit about our sponsors and events to come over the next two weeks. Add to Calendar

October 07: How Ceramic is enabling collaboration on the Sovereign Web- So far most pure dApps have had a backend on Ethereum and a frontend hosted on IPFS. This is quickly changing as new primitives for mutable content are being introduced. We explore how future dapps can be designed to be much more dynamic and provide a better UX using these primitives. Add to Calendar

October 08: Building with Unstoppable- Integrating Unstoppable Domains namespace. Add to Calendar

October 08: Introducing Glaze and the Self.ID SDK- The new Glaze and Self.ID packages provide new solutions to replace the current IDX packages, offering more flexibility and simpler ways to get started with the Ceramic ecosystem. Add to Calendar

October 11: Chainlink: Connecting Smart Contracts to Ceramic Network- Learn how to use Chainlink Oracles to connect smart contracts to off-chain data, events and systems such as Ceramic Network. Add to Calendar

 October 11: Learn how to add decentralized identity to your dApp with Ceramic- What if you could build decentralized identity and authentication in your application without having to bother about users table? That’s what Ceramic and IDX allow you to do. You’ll learn how to log in using Metamask, update your profile and store application specific data. All this and a lot more available thanks to Figment Learn. Add to Calendar

October 12: Ceramic's Sovereign Data Hackathon- Learn how you can use Mask to encrypt your posts & chats on social networks and allow only your friends to decrypt your content.

 October 12: Decentralizing collaboration with Ethereum- Radicle is a decentralized network for code collaboration built with Ethereum. This workshop will demo the Radicle Ethereum featureset, including a step-by-step tutorial on how to deploy a Radicle Org for your DAO or development team. Add to Calendar

 October 13: 3Box Labs CEO AMA - Michael Sena on Building the Ceramic Network- Spend 30 minutes with 3Box Labs CEO & Co-Founder Michael Sena for a raw ask-me-anything session. Add to Calendar

October 14: Fluence Workshops -In this workshop, we present and review the open source  Fluence p2p protocol, network and tooling including Aqua, Fluence's peer-to-peer programming language. We further dive into code to illustrate the use of Fluence, Aqua and Ceramic. Add to Calendar

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