Gitcoin Virtual Hackathon

Clarity Hackathon by Blockstack

May 14, 2020 - Jul 1, 2020

This hackathon event had ended at July 1, 2020, 3:59 a.m., please check the ongoing hackathons.

Hi there Hackers, and welcome to the Clarity Smart Contract Hackathon!

Head on over to the “Prizes” page to start work and begin your participation!

The Clarity smart contracting language has been in the works for years at Blockstack, and we’re really excited about the powerful features it will enable for your decentralized applications. With this hackathon, participants should focus on developing fully-functional smart contracts that demonstrate the key features of Clarity. 

To connect with other hackers, and get support from the Blockstack team, we encourage everyone to pop over to the Discord. We have a dedicated Hackathons channel for all discussion around the event: http://discord.gg/unFGwwu

Your one-stop-shop for all stuff Clarity is gonna be the Official Clarity Hackathon site. On there is a fantastic resources page with everything from technical documentation to killer community tools: https://community.blockstack.org/clarity-resources

Phase 2 (Tooling) is in Progress

June 3rd - June 30th, 2020

This challenge will reward you for building the most useful and valuable tools other developers can use with Clarity in the future. Clarity is a brand new language, so supporting ease and speed of development with things like visual coding tools, linters, and more will help the community and immensely.

1st Place - $3,000 + Blockstack swag bag

The holy grail. The top of the podium. There is only one grand prize, and it's going to go to an absolute beast of a project. We want to be blown away by a submission and the technical functionality behind the tooling. The developer or team who built this tool fully grasps the design principles of Clarity, and perfectly demonstrates its potential & power. It should be totally straightforward for anyone to use, and include comprehensive documentation & code commenting.

2nd Place - $1,500 + Blockstack swag bag

In Talladega Nights, Ricky Bobby claimed, "If you ain't first…you're last." Let's be clear, NASCAR racing is very different from blockchain development. This second place submission just missed out on the top spot, but is still an immensely useful and comprehensive developer tool. This hacker or team really took the time to digest the Clarity documentation, and demonstrated proficiency in building useful tools.

3rd Place - $500 + Blockstack swag bag

Some historians claim the Bronze Age was absolutely integral in the development of modern society! Therefore, a 3rd place bronze medal in this hackathon is definitely something to be proud of. This submission wasn't exactly the cream of the crop, but brought impactful functionality to the table and obviously put thought into solving a difficult problem.

Judging Criteria 

Design - Is the smart contract well-structured, and broken into logical functions?

Functionality - How powerful or robust is the functionality the smart contract provides?

Use of Clarity Reference - How many different Clarity functions, keywords, or design principles are used?

Originality/Creativity - How unique or innovative is the mechanism smart contract? Has it been implemented before?

Real World Viability - How applicable is the smart contract to use in real world situations?

Documentation/Commenting - Does the project come accompanied by a comprehensive documentation or README? Is the code commented thoroughly so anyone could read through and discern its functionality?


  • All submitted smart contracts must be open source. The source code should be openly published for modification and use.
  • Contracts must be publicly available on GitHub, Gitlab, or similar publicly accessible link. Contracts must have basic testing and documentation to qualify. 
  • The contracts and tools must be built for Blockstack’s Clarity smart contracting language.

Good Will rule: it will be at the discretion of PBC if folks game the system by trying to make slight changes to an existing smart contract for the reward. Payments will be sent in BTC. 

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