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Gitcoin Virtual Hackathon

ETH CC Hackathon 2021

Jul 23, 2021 - Jul 25, 2021

This hackathon event had ended at July 25, 2021, 3 p.m., please check the ongoing hackathons.

ETH CC Hackathon 2021

Build the Future of DeFi

Brought to you by Kleros, Upshot, The Graph, Uniswap, and more 

July 23 - 25, 2021 - Deskopolitan 226 boulevard Voltaire 75011 Paris

Dive into DAO x DeFi x NFT summer with ETH CC Hackathon 2021. We are excited to bring together irl and online developers, creatives, and experts to work on the future of finance in Paris!

DeFi has shown the world that the legacy financial system, with all of its walled gardens and inaccessibility, can be re-built into a decentralized, permissionless ecosystem - opening up access for anyone to use and build upon. Now, join a global community of crypto-natives with a vision for a better financial future at ETH CC Hackathon 2021. The era of DAOs has started globally.


 • ~$100k in prizes up for grabs!

 • Free for both hackers and attendees

 • Hackathon kicks off with opening ceremony July 23 at 4pm CET

 • Deadline for submissions is July 25 @ 2PM CET

 • Each sponsor will get a judge slot and winners will be announced on July 25 @ 6PM CET

Virtual or In Person

It’s been over a year since the Ethereum community has been able to connect in-person. At ETH CC Hackathon 2021, you will get the opportunity to reconnect with the community, foster your developer ecosystem, and crowdsource novel projects built on your infrastructure.

Developers will get the chance to collaborate directly with top teams and experts in the space in an intimate, creative setting. Sponsors will engage with developers to brainstorm novel ideas, solve technical hurdles, and connect teammates and mentors to help deliver projects.

Join in-person to work with sponsors and mentors directly, or if you are participating online join the sponsor Discord channels for support.


📍 Voltaire Spaces, Paris

Deskopolitan 226 boulevard Voltaire 75011 Paris

ETH CC Hackathon 2021 will be held at the beautiful Deskopolitan coworking spaces in Paris’ 11th arrondissement. Deskopolitan is equipped with a projection system and studios to host small workshops, with access to a private garden for drinks and socializing. Plus: Several committee rooms around the creative space for team building sessions and meetings.


4pm - Welcome - Jessica Salomon & Federico Ast (President of Kleros) 

4:05 pm - My ETH Journey - Mariano Conti

4:20pm Panel 1 Intersection Defi and NFTs (20 min)

Kieran Simunovic Moderating Feat. Uniswap (Sara Reynolds) Upshot (Nick Emmons) Union (Jacob Shiach)

4:40pm Panel 2 Harnessing The Decentralized Ecosystem (20 min)

Moderated by Mariano Conti Feat. The Graph (Nader Dabit), Umbrella Network (Sam Kim), Upshot (Nick Emmons)

5:00pm Panel 3 Layer 2 Defi Summer (20 min)

Moderated by Ethan Bennett Feat. Sushi (Brian Ngyugen) , Union (Jacob Shiach), Polygon (Mihailo Bjelic)

5:20pm Panel 4 The Future of NFTs (20 min)

Moderated by Simona Pop (Status) Feat. Zora (Breck Stodghill), Charged Particles (Ben Lakoff), Upshot (Nick Emmons)

5:40pm Getting inspired: Bounty Announcement and chat with Kleros, Liquidstar, The Witnet Foundation, Protocol Labs, Harmony Protocol. 


Friday July 23

6:00pm - Zora Workshop (20 min) led by James Geary

6:20 - 7pm - Zora Office Hours 

6:30pm - Union Workshop (20 min) led by Jacob Shiach

6:50 -7:30pm Union Office Hours 

8pm - 9pm Dinner 

Saturday July 24

9am - ParaSwap Workshop (20 min) 

9:20am -10am ParaSwap Office Hours 

10am - The Graph Workshop (20 min)

10:20am - 11am The Graph Office Hours 

11am - Umbrella Network Workshop (20min)

11:20am -12pm Umbrella Network Office Hours

11:30am - Upshot Workshop (20 min)

11:50am-12:30 Upshot Office Hours

2:40pm Uniswap Workshop (20min)

3pm- 3:40pm Uniswap Office Hours 

3pm Kleros Workshop (20 min)

3:20-4pm Kleros Office Hours 

3:40pm Witnet Workshop (20 min)

4-4:40pm Witnet Office Hours

4:20pm Shutter Network Workshop (20min)

4:40-5:20pm Shutter Network Office Hours 

5pm Pokt Workshop Workshop (20min)

5:20pm-6pm Pokt Office Hours 

Sunday July 25

5pm - Hackathon Project Submissions Close

Sponsor Judging 

7pm - Sponsor Winner Announcements and Winner Presentations 

9pm-12am Afterparty by Polygon, Upshot and Sushi (RSVP HERE)

Join us in the Gitcoin Discord to discuss and shill your hacks and get support!
👉 Discussions at #🖖hacker-talk
👉 Learn at #📆workshops
👉 Networking at #😺find-teammates
👉 Present at #🌈demo-slam
👉 Assistance at #🚩events-support
👉 Party at #🔟gr10-hackathon
👉 Jam at 🔊🦜hacker-lounge
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