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Gitcoin Virtual Hackathon

GitxChange2: Quadratic Funding Hackathon

Oct 5, 2020 - Nov 1, 2020

This hackathon event had ended at Nov. 1, 2020, 11:59 p.m., please check the ongoing hackathons.

GitxChange2: Quadratic Funding Hackathon

October 5 to November 1

πŸ’‘ The Quadratic Funding Hackathon is a program designed by RadicalxChange Foundation and Gitcoin to lay the ground for a variety of Quadratic Funding ecosystems. Quadratic Funding is a new form of matching funding that democratically incentivizes contributions to public and shared goods and services. It optimizes matching funds by prioritizing projects based not on the size but on the number of individual donations.

πŸ€– Notably, the hackathon co-host Gitcoin is the global flagship project when it comes to implementations of Quadratic Funding as shown for example in Gitcoin Grants for public goods on the Ethereum blockchain and in Downtown Stimulus for economic relief of local businesses in Boulder downtown, Colorado.

🌈 Also, Quadratic Funding is one of the most important concepts driving RadicalxChange. By way of background, RadicalxChange is a global movement committed to advancing plurality, equality, community, and decentralization, through the development of upgrades to democracy, markets, property regimes, data economy, commons, and collective intelligence governance. 

Distribute Emergence

🌐 We believe that Quadratic Funding can advance public goods of all kinds. It is a radical mechanism that reflects the needs of all members in diverse communities. The hackathon opens the floor to all the communities that want to follow and experience this philosophy.

🀝 The hackathon includes a variety of bounties on Quadratic Funding. It brings together creative companies, non-profits, governments, and individuals, who would like to incentivize more democratic public goods governance in the context of their cause.

4 Week Event

🏁 Hacking begins on October 5: Hackers form teams and start to work on the challenges. Sponsors and hackers collaborate through Gitcoin Chat.

🏫 Workshops in the meantime: Sponsors, Gitcoin, and RadicalxChange Foundation host workshops to assist and guide the hackers in building the Quadratic Funding platforms.

πŸ’Έ Finale on November 1: Hackers make final submissions. Sponsors judge submissions and pay out the winning teams.

πŸ“Ί Demo Day, date to be determined: Sponsors present their Quadratic Funding platforms to the RadicalxChange + Gitcoin community.

Quadratic Funding can change public goods for the better.

Workshop Schedule:

Thursday Oct 8th, 2pm ET: WTF is QF? - WATCH HERE

Wednesday Oct 14th, 12pm ET: RadicalxChange Workshop - WATCH HERE

Tuesday, Oct 20th, 12pm ET: BrightID Workshop - WATCH HERE

Wednesday, Oct 21st, 10am ET: Downtown Stimulus + RareBirds Workshop - WATCH HERE

Thursday, Oct 22nd, 9am ET: Electraseed Workshop - WATCH HERE

Friday, Oct 23rd, 10am ET: M+Climate Workshop - WATCH HERE

Monday, Oct 26th, 1:30pm ET: Regen Workshop - WATCH HERE

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