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Gitcoin Virtual Hackathon

Harmony - Bridging TradFi to DeFi

Aug 15, 2021 - Sep 30, 2021

This hackathon event had ended at Sept. 30, 2021, 11:59 p.m., please check the ongoing hackathons.

Harmony - Bridging TradFi to DeFi

August 15 - September 30, 2021

A Hackathon to bring Traditional Finance to Decentralized Finance

Over $1,000,000 in prizes and seed funding from Harmony and Prize Partners

*Go to the Harmony Discord Channel to connect with other hackers and with Harmony Devs.

Why Bridge TradFi to DeFi?

The current narrative in blockchain toward traditional finance is antagonistic.

We disagree.

We need TradFi to join the ranks of DeFi and build apps informed by your experience in traditional finance.

We know there are many working in traditional finance that are interested in blockchain, but not totally ready to jump in head-first. Many in TradFi are interested because they are frustrated with the constraints, regulations, and policies of traditional finance.

If that describes you, then this hackathon is for you.

What is Harmony?

Build on Harmony, run on all chains.

Harmony is your open platform for assets, collectibles, identity, governance. Be the ONE to bridge to all blockchains. Harmony is an open and fast blockchain.

Our mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. Harmony’s secure bridges offer cross-chain asset transfers with Ethereum, Binance and other chains.


Cross Chains with Trustless Bridges

We are making our Ethereum bridge fully trustless and highly gas-efficient and is among the first cross-chain solutions with FlyClient that connect Proof-of-Work Ethereum and Proof-of-Stake chains.

Harmony is also prototyping research for wrapping BTC as cross-chain collaterals. This approach is not only capital efficient but also fully trustless as on-chain and open-source contracts — a breakthrough in the industry.

Social Wallet with Keyless Security

Billions of users can earn 10% or more annual returns with crypto assets. But they must stop worrying about seed phrases, device loss, email phishing, phone hijacking

We can secure everyone’s financial future against password breaches, software bugs, platform malware and exchange hacks.

We are bringing the best research called SmartOTP (One Time Password) with air-gapped and composable authentication into production.

Cross Border with Fintech Integrations

Blockchains enable many marketplaces but banking services are the native use.

Finance products within one country are already highly efficient and protected. On the other hand, purely on-chain DeFi solutions without onramp gateways or local distribution have limited impact in real-word economies.

Harmony focuses on bridging high-growth economies, hence CrossFi for cross-border finance.

Prize Partners

Over $1,000,000 in prizes and seed funding from Harmony and these Prize Partners:

Speakers and Judges

Here are the guidelines for prizes and grants for Harmony’s $1 million hackathon:

There are 3 main themes and within each theme there are 4 tracks. Those are listed below.

For each of the 12 tracks, the prize pool is $81,000. The judges will select the following winners and prizes:

Top Prize: $20,000

Second Prize: $10,000

Third Prize: $5,000

Pool Prize: $6,000 divided up for all projects with a qualified submission: a smart contract deployed on Harmony mainnet / testnet. The pool prizes are entirely up to the discretion of the judges.

Each track will then have 4 follow on grants of $10,000 each to give out in the 3 months after the hackathon for any winner reaching any of the goals:

  1. mainnet launch with at least 1,000 users
  2. $100,000 in independent funding
  3. 100 active DAO members in forum

These milestones must be reached by December 31, 2021 before the grants expire.

For each track, there will be a 9-person multi-signature wallet of $40,000 and those signers will give out the 4 grants. The 9 people will be the top 3 winners, 3 from the pool prize and 3 from the judges, Harmony DAOs (community, validator), developer captains, and pangaea captains.

The multi-sig holders will decide on the 4 follow-on grants, though we ask that all follow on grants be posted in the Harmony forum (here) with strong support from the community.

In addition to the 12 Harmony tracks, we are working with Terra, Chainlink, Sushi, Maddock Capital, and Hashkey on a challenge with the following prize structure: $20K for top prize, $10K for second, $5K for pool prize, and 2 follow on grants of $10K to be decided by the prize partners.

### Cross-Chain with Trustless Bridge

a. Liquidity. Harmony Cross-Chain API for aggregation, Hummingbot for arbitrage, fixed-rate w/ Terra’s UST

b. Middlewares. Graph, Crazy.ONE names, privacy-mixer

c. DeFi/NFT/DAO. Metamask, Web3.js, randomness opcode, FlyClient bridges vs rollups, BLS aggregated signatures

d. Platform. On-chain delegation, O(1) sync, RaptorQ gossip

The first hackathon theme is Cross-Chain with our trustless, on-chain bridges. The 4 tracks — Liquidity, Middlewares, DeFi/NFT/DAO, Platform — emphasize the current product-market fits of decentralized applications but across multiple chains. Developers can make use of Harmony’s rich ecosystem: a cross-chain API for aggregation and asset pools; Ethereum-compatible indexing, names, and toolkits; and, unique technical features including randomness opcode, on-chain delegation and aggregated signatures, FlyClient bridges, and fast state sync with message gossips.

Besides advancing these cross-chain infrastructure, there are also many product ideas that can take advantage of our trustless bridges. For example, building arbitrage bots with our partner Hummingbot or integrating stablecoins and saving products with our Terra bridge. Harmony has also launched Bulletproof and Poseidon Hash functions for privacy coin mixers like Tornado Cash. (more)

### On-Chain with Wallet Security

Note: to qualify for prizes, project submissions in this category must build upon 1Wallet or SmartVault.

a. Frontends. Focus on user onboarding & mobile clients

b. Web3. Curate crypto names + reputations + moments, as DeFi dashboard + NFT gallery + DAO townsquare

c. Web2. Link with Twitter/Github/Linkedin identity, multi-factor biometric/location/device authentications

d. Security. Formal verification, cryptography research

The second hackathon theme is On-Chain with our social wallets and keyless security. The 4 tracks — Frontends, Web3, Web2, Security — emphasize the consumer experience of delighting the users without worrying about blockchain technology or custody. Wallets are becoming the Web3 portals as a DeFi dashboard for asset swaps and investments, a NFT gallery for collectible editorials and auctions, or a DAO townsquare for governance votes or payrolls. Our hackathon encourages seamless onboarding and incentivized education for smart contract wallets; builders can start from our audited prototypes featuring authenticator-based security and on-chain account recovery.

Composing Web3 contracts and integrating Web2 components is the crossing of the chasm for daily uses. Our wallets should work as a mobile or even wearable client. They can also curate crypto and domain names, work activity and reputations, or even virtual and life moments. Furthermore, the wallets can link your identity on Twitter as social clout, Github as work prowess, or Linkedin as tailored profiles. At this hackathon, cryptography or security researchers can extend our authentication to multiple factors, verify implementations with formal methods, or prototype based on our latest research papers. (more)

### Cross-Border with Fintech Integrations

a. Gateways. Fiat & credit cards, centralized exchanges

b. Corporate. Accounting & tax compliance, auditable privacy, payrolls/benefits/insurance/compensations

c. Regional. Over-counter services for stablecoins, retail shop loyalty, national distributors, commerce logistics

d. Impacts. Social changes & mechanisms, radical markets

Lastly, the third hackathon theme is Cross-Border with fintech and social integrations. The 4 tracks — Gateways, Corporate, Regional, Impacts — emphasize the real-world value for business and communities across countries. Toward unbundling of banks, our developers can replicate many centralized services like fiat exchanges, over-the-counters, credit cards, or even corporate finance. Many global business and most decentralized teams are already facing the pain of scaling beyond tens of teammates and countries — dealing with employee payrolls, retirement benefits, medical insurance, and expense compensations. Fortunately, cryptography primitives like auditable privacy will make accounting and tax compliant for business on public blockchains.

Now is also the prime time to innovate on consumer marketplaces and social incentives on blockchain. Radical markets mean self-assessed taxation and quadratic stakes; mechanism designs focus on revealing true preferences and multi-round auctions. Both on blockchain can make retail loyalty programs or commerce logistics far more efficient — or even bring social changes in the form of basic income and retrospective funding for public goods. (more)

### Venture Introductions and Seed Funding

Harmony has relationships with some of the biggest and active funds available. For certain projects and winners, we are happy to make introductions to our keiretsu of venture relationships for additional funding.

With our partner Dorahacks, projects will receive community matching and potentially also venture capital investor interest from their 60+ investor community.

Terra's Challenge:

We are an opinionated Layer 1 platform. As we have relationships with most major liquidity providers and investors in DeFi and crypto, we recommend exploring the following themes to make the most of the hackathon.

  1. Understand core themes.
  2. Identify technologies and areas of interest.
  3. Identify suitable skill match.

Extending Stablecoin Adoption

Beginner to intermediate developers.

Take advantage of TerraUSD native stablecoins to introduce crypto-native experiences: subscription payments and micropayments, yield-bearing escrow, milestone or instant payroll, creative remittance solutions.

Decentralized Asset Management

For beginner and intermediate frontend developers.

Over 20% of users of Mirror are in Thailand. Interact with Terra.js, Mirror.js to build decentralized front ends for Mirror. This is a core priority for TFL to enable censorship resistant asset management across borders.

Crypto Native Financial Primitives

Intermediate to Advanced Developers

Extend primitives available within the Terra ecosystem. For example, DAO treasury issue bonds issuance, revenue sharing agreements, income sharing agreements, DAO creation and management cross-chain liquidity, traunching.

Picks and Shovels

Advanced developers

One of the highest leverage opportunities in the ecosystem is to enable other developers and builders. Create indexers, block explorers, and developer facing tooling to fix issues every developer will face into the future.

Maddock Capital's Challenges:

Theme, "Reduction of the broker / middleman tax in all financial marketplaces"

Preamble: blockchain technologies power is to reduce transaction friction and transaction costs across all marketplaces in a mature and efficient ecosystem. Currently nearly every financial transaction undertaken has a "broker tax" applied to it. Harmony's infrastructure enables that to be materially reduced.

Currently most online businesses, particularly early stage startups and more mature tech businesses with recurring revenue have limited recourse to raise money outside of equity rounds. Typically, equity raises when advised by financial intermediaries charge 5-7% of proceeds. A blockchain enabled Crowdfunding solution for equity in these businesses (ideally native to and utilising blockchain technologies) could significantly disrupt this market by bringing new sources of capital to these businesses. In short, improve access through designing a 2-sided marketplace for equity raises.

Similarly these businesses currently are not able to raise debt. Current solutions are focused on securitising or forward selling revenues linked to recurring contract income.

In short we want you to disrupt online platforms providing marketplaces to forward sell revenues and contract receivables.

Our view is that this would require the Use of a stable coin pegged to the USD in the first instance. This should enable any blockchain participant to put their capital to work for real growth.

Chainlink's Challenge:

The development of price feeds delivered via a decentralized oracle network has facilitated the emergence of DeFi applications at scale. Chainlink current offers a variety of additional smart contract services such as verifiable randomness, fair sequencing services and keepers that are also allowing developers to create new and innovate applications. The concept of decentralized oracle networks outlined in the the Chainlink 2.0 whitepaper outlines a future where different constellations of nodes collaborate to process a wide range of workloads. In similarity to how DeFi projects are composable, we envision a future in which the services that facilitate the emergence of new applications are also composable. The purpose of this challenge is to identify the next generation of smart contract services that can be delivered via decentralized oracle networks to allow developers to create new products, new sources of value and ultimately facilitate the emergence of the next wave of blockchain innovation.

Submission Requirements

  • All submissions must be open source with a github repo.
  • To qualify all projects must utilize the Harmony as part of their application stack
  • The application must be USEFUL or INTERESTING or NOVEL. Extra points if app is deployed on Harmony Mainnet.
  • If there is wide appeal for the application, it will score better.
  • A demo video must be submitted for a complete submission
  • All submissions are through Gitcoin and teams must be formed via Gitcoin with all team members registered.

Judging Criteria

A panel of distinguished judges will evaluate your submission. Here's the criteria by which your work will be judged:

  • Teams are limited to 4 members at most. We encourage team members to be from a variety of backgrounds. We prefer that web2 devs just dipping their toe in web3 have more seasoned developers on their team and to learn from each other.
  • Alignment to the challenges theme of TradFi to DeFi
  • Is the application useful? Is it interesting?
  • Originality and innovation: Because Harmony is EVM-compatible, porting anything from Ethereum is super easy. If you're going to fork something, that's ok. But add your own flare to it and make it worth using and be explicit how this fork is . If it's just a plain-vanilla fork with nothing new, you'll win nada. zip.
  • Technicality of implementation: how difficult was it to create your application? If it was easy, that will reduce the likelihood of winning anything.
  • Design and usability: Have some pride in what you create; add some craftmanship to it.


In addition to the hackathon, we will have a series of workshops, fireside chats, panel interviews, office hours, and check-ins. The schedule is TBD but will be announced as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are the key dates:

  • July 15, Open Registration
  • August 16, Hackathon begins, Opening Ceremonies
  • August 17, Team Formation (details TBD)
  • August 20, Submit Team names and team members
  • September 15, Mid-point Demo Day (optional, depending on interest)
  • September 30, Submission Deadline, Hackathon ends, Closing Ceremonies
  • September 30-October 5, Judging
  • October 11, Winners Announced
  • October 18, Payouts Completed

Important Links

Contact Us / Get Developer Help

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bridging Wall Street to Web3 cost money?

No. Completely free to join and participate in the hackathon.

I'm new to blockchain, can I participate?

YES. The only way for blockchain to grow is if new developers enter the industry.

How many people can be on a team?

Up to 5 people. No other restrictions - can be any background, any country, or any experience level. 

What's the code of conduct?

We have zero tolerance policy for harassment and other negative behavior.

• "Harassment" includes but is not limited to offensive verbal or written comments or other online activity related to gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, physical appearance, race, religion, sexual images, deliberate intimidation, stalking, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention. Participants asked to stop any harassing behaviour are expected to comply immediately. If participants fail to comply they will be banned from all channels and access to the event.

• All sponsors, judges, mentors, organizers, volunteers and the like are also subject to the anti-harrassment policy. In particular, attendees should not use sexualized images, activities, or other material both in their hacks and during the event.‍

• Be wise and careful and mindful of the words you choose to use at all times. Be respectful and don’t be a jerk.

• Report all violations anonymously here.

How will I be judged?

Pre-existing Work

Each submission will be judged solely on the quality of the work completed during the duration of the hackathon. If you use pre-existing code, disclose all information in your submission, indicating what’s pre-existing and what code is new and show how your submission is explicitly different from old work.

First and foremost, we want you to build on Harmony. Preference will go to submissions that utilize the Ethereum-to-Harmony Horizon Bridge and whose applications are focused on DeFi. We'll publish a wish-list of applications we want to see on Harmony in a blog post soon. Of course, all submissions need to be linked to a public Github repository and if, selected, be ready to join demo day and present your submission as a team.

Join the Harmony discord

Go to our Discord to connect with our developers: https://discord.gg/f98bmsuYe7

Join us in the Virtual Events category of the Gitcoin Discord to discuss and shill your projects and get support!
👉 Discussions at #🖖creator-talk
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