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Gitcoin Virtual Hackathon

Make it Mobile Hackathon with Celo

Mar 5, 2021 - Apr 15, 2021

This hackathon event had ended at April 15, 2021, 6:59 a.m., please check the ongoing hackathons.

Make it Mobile Hackathon - Celo

March 5 - April 14, 2021

Make sure to join the Celo Discord for discussion related to the hackathon!

Register For Celo's Make it Mobile Hackathon! Challenge the web3 status quo!

$60,000 of prizes total!

Resource: Developer Documentation

We are calling on all builders, designers, and innovators to come help us take the Celo ecosystem to the next level. Celo is founded on the tenant of "Design For All" and our mobile-first approach is our embodiment of this commitment. We are looking for teams to adopt this vision and build DApps, tools, and tutorials around this principle. The Hackathon will highlight teams from around the world with Celo-based DApps serving tens of thousands of users such as Impact Market and Moola Market! 

We’ll be offering a number of prizes for Defi DAPPs, cross-chain architecture projects, technical documentation, community building media, educational content, and much more!

In addition, there will be bonus prizes for teams that truly go above and beyond! Below you’ll find a list of the bonus awards we’ve finalized so far. These will be awarded to exemplary teams in addition to the bounty prizes originally posted.

We welcome all participants of all skill-sets, backgrounds, and cultures. Submissions are required to be work started for this hackathon specifically. Submissions may not be apps previously built for Celo Camp, other hackathons, or personal projects already built. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out on Discord or the townsquare. 

What is Celo? 

Celo is an open-sourced Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain based on Ethereum designed to support stablecoins and tokenized assets with an algorithmic reserve-backed stability mechanism. One of the main reasons Celo's ecosystem of end-users has grown so quickly is due to the mobile-first approach to the protocol. With trust-less phone number identity mapping for public key management and a node structure that runs partial nodes on smartphones Celo's mobile-first approach has created the most effective way of onboarding real-world users into blockchain-based applications.

The Vision & Why

If you want to better understand why mobile is the way forward for web3 and why the Celo #MakeItMobile” hackathon is only the start, consider this: the smartphone market today already ranks in the billions, and the projections of where that growth is headed are truly inspiring — with areas like sub-Saharan Africa predicted to hit 600-700 million new smartphone users within ~5 years. 

So, when we in the Web3 space declare we’re making financial tools for everybody — ask yourself, “who’s everybody?” — and then start to consider the current mediums where web3 exists. It’s time to make crypto mobile. It’s time for the decentralized community to pause and ask, “What’s really stopping web3 from running the mobile app space?” Sure, there are plenty of mobile app ideas, and plenty of mobile apps — but in reality, the space is predominantly focused on communication, productivity, creativity, and revamped old games. 

Where are the mobile versions of the good stuff, the real stuff, the lift my community up type stuff? You know, the innovation type stuff. Where are the mobile apps for that? 

They don’t exist, so we have to make them - we have to make crypto mobile. 


Judges will include A16z, The Graph Protocol, Polychain Capital, Flori, ParaFi Capital, Celo Camp, and many more.


Team Formation

  • cLabs employees are eligible to participate in the hackathon; however, if the majority of a team is cLabs employees, the project will not be eligible for prizes
  • Teams must be comprised of 1-6 people
  • Teams can use an idea they had before the event.
  • Has to be an original Celo DApp, so it can’t be something that’s ported from Ethereum.
  • Teams can work on ideas that have already been done. Hacks do not have to be “innovative”. If somebody wants to work on a common idea they should be allowed to do so and should be judged on the quality of their hack.
  • Must be built during the hackathon. Components built before can be used but execution must be written during the hackathon.
  • All design elements, code, hardware builds, etc. for your project must be created during the event. Third party tools and frameworks are allowed as well as your normal tooling (Gulp, Yeoman, Composer, NPM, Bower, etc.). While you may not begin coding in advance, you can plan and discuss with your team in advance. Written documents and design sketches are allowed. You may also incorporate pre-existing material that is freely available to the public into your project, such as public domain images, Creative Commons music, open-source libraries, existing APIs and platforms, and the like.
  • Valora and DappKit highly encouraged (key management)
  • Creativity, complexity, wow factor.
  • Projects funded by a Celo Foundation Grant are not eligible for prizes
  • Celo Grant Recipient teams are eligible to participate, however, the project for which they have received a grant is not eligible for prizes (example: Cool Apps Team received a grant to build a messaging application. Cool Apps Team can participate in the hackathon, but they must build an entirely new project and cannot submit the messaging application).
  • Projects that violate the Code of Conduct are not allowed.
  • Teams can be disqualified from the competition at the organizers' discretion. Reasons might include but are not limited to breaking the Competition Rules, breaking the Code of Conduct, or other unsporting behaviour.
  • Any intellectual property developed during the hackathon will belong to the team that developed it.

Judging Criteria

  • Teams that make it to the final round will be given up to three minutes to present their finished project to a panel of judges.
  • The prizes not specified otherwise will be awarded solely based on the decision of the judging panel. Some prizes (for example, the “Participant’s Choice” award) may be determined by peer or other forms of review.
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