Gitcoin Virtual Hackathon

Nervos - Broaden the Spectrum

Aug 4, 2021 - Oct 6, 2021

This hackathon event had ended at Oct. 6, 2021, 11:59 p.m., please check the ongoing hackathons.

Nervos - Broaden the Spectrum-Part 2

The other side of the moon

$150K in Prizes

September 10 - October 4, 2021

*Make sure to join the Nervos Discord for all hack discussions and support!*

Nervos is proud to be partnering with Gitcoin on Nervos Hackathon: Broaden the Spectrum, a 3-week virtual hackathon event featuring $150,000 in cash prizes!

Talented builders are invited to build cutting-edge Layer 2 applications utilizing Nervos' next-generation tools: 1) Force Bridge, a cross-chain bridge that allows the transfer of assets to and from the Ethereum blockchain. 2) Godwoken and 3) Polyjuice are used to provide a scalable smart contract platform that is EVM compatible using Solidity.

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Nervos Hackathon: Broaden the Spectrum features a total of $150,000 in cash prizes:

  • First prize: 1 first prize of $40,000 in CKB
  • Second prize: 2 second prizes of $20,000 in CKB
  • Third prize: 5 third prizes of $10,000 in CKB
  • Honorable Mention: 10 prizes of $2,000 in CKB

Prizes will be awarded at the judgesโ€™ discretion! Maximum number of prizes available are listed.







Mousebelt Engineering


Submission Requirements

  • Submissions must be open source and deployed live on the Aggron testnet, with links provided 
  • Sufficient documentation is required to compile and deploy the application
  • The application must be useful and interesting
  • A demo video (5-10 minutes) must be submitted explaining the project and how to use it

All projects must be submitted by the deadline: October 4th, 11:59 PM UTC

Judging Criteria

A panel of judges selected from Nervos and partners will evaluate all submissions according to the following criteria:

Judging Criteria

* Fits the theme

* Originality/Innovation

* Ease of use (UI/UX)

* Sustainability (marketplace viability)

* Technical complexity

* Level of Completion

Hackathon Timeline

  • Theme announced: Sept 8th
  • Hackathon Kick-off: Sept 10th
  • Deadline for Submissions: Oct 4th
  • Judging: Oct 5th - Oct 8th
  • Winners Announced: Oct 11th

Workshops and Office Hours

Nervos Hackathon participants are invited to join hands-on workshops hosted by experts from the Nervos team, a schedule will be provided prior to the start of the hackathon.

Open to Everyone

Everyone is welcome to join the Nervos Network discord channel to learn about upcoming free web 3.0 workshops during the hackathon, swag prizes, and online community games. (You do not need to join in the hackathon to participate).

Important Links

Learn more about Nervos, watch tutorials, and read developer documents

Environment setup instructions

CKB (mainnet) block explorer

Aggron testnet block explorer

Aggron testnet faucet

Developer training documentation

Nervos docs site

Nervos Github

Follow us on Twitter

Discord community

Nervos - Broaden the Spectrum

The other side of the moon

$200K in Prizes

August 4 - September 4, 2021

*Make sure to join the Nervos Discord for all hack discussions and support!*

Broaden the Spectrum is an initial one-month-long online bounties program designed to allow developers to explore and test out the key layer two tools from the Nervos Network -- Polyjuice, the Force Bridge and Godwoken.

We want to start broadening the blockchain horizons, today. All this talk of going to the moon is one thing, but the Nervos Network is looking to get to the other side of the moon -- the side that is building a workable, sustainable and powerful interoperable blockchain platform. 

The Bounties program will be held in participation with Gitcoin, which will administer the bounties. We will also host an introductory workshop where weโ€™ll give an overview of the Nervos Network and its powerful interoperability tools designed to help build universal Applications. We'll host a hackathon with $150k in prizes from Sept 13th-Oct 1st! (Details listed below in Part 2)

Prizes (per task): 

What is the Nervos Network?

The Nervos Network is an open-source public blockchain ecosystem and collection of protocols creating the foundation for a universal internet-like public network. The Nervos Network is a blockchain platform that is creating the basis for true universal applications. 

Check out this quick introduction of Nervos:

Additional Resources

Website: https://www.nervos.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NervosNetwork

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/NervosNetwork/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/AqGTUE9

Github: https://github.com/nervosnetwork

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๐Ÿ‘‰ Jam at ๐Ÿ”Š๐Ÿฆœhacker-lounge

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