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Gitcoin Virtual Hackathon

Schelling Point Virtual Hackathon

Jan 20, 2022 - Feb 10, 2022

This hackathon event had ended at Feb. 10, 2022, 11:59 p.m., please check the ongoing hackathons.

Schelling Point Hackathon

January 20 - February 10, 2022

👉 11 awesome sponsors - $180k in prizes 👈

“A computer can help you. The computer does not substitute a superior intelligence; it solves the problem the way a reliable, high-speed idiot would solve it. … What, now, are the rudimentary tasks that our computer can perform for us? To begin with, it can add and subtract, multiply and divide. It can keep in its memory the sums and products it obtains in order to perform repeated operations; it can recall the sums and products when it needs them. It can commit to memory the formulae for repeated arithmetical operations. It can erase things from its memory. And it can signal the keys of a typewriter to type out the answers we want.”
  • Thomas C. Schelling, 1972, On Letting a Computer Help With the Work

Schelling Point 2022: As you may know, Gitcoin is organizing a one-day conference on February 17 in Denver, Colorado, bringing together and celebrating the builders and funders of the Gitcoin ecosystem. The community had generated over $50.6 million for digital public goods since Gitcoin's founding just in 2017. In parallel to the growing ecosystem, Gitcoin has also grown its staff by opening up several opportunities and processes with the launch of GitcoinDAO in May 2021.

We are honored to invite you to set sail to take Gitcoin to the next level and increase the worldwide production and noise about digital public goods hacking towards the Schelling Point conference in February.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Find a team and connect with builders on the Gitcoin Discord; navigate to the #👋start-here channel and select the 'Hackathons & Events' role; then, go to #😺team-up
  • Sign up for the hackathon and 'Join Now' at the top of this page
  • Link to the event and workshop schedule: http://cal.ae/ehuumgw
  • Check for updates on #❄schelling-point in the Gitcoin Discord and your email inbox
  • ScaffoldEth is everything you need to start building decentralized apps

Our goal is to make purpose-driven work and entrepreneurship the default for everybody on the internet. Are you too tired of the for-profit, private digital technology companies facing us in recent years, accelerating political conflict, and increasing global financial inequality? Then, the Schelling Point Hackathon is your chance to jump ships for good.

All sorts of social technology communities like Ethereum, g0v in Asia, and the RadicalxChange, have researched and developed grounds for richer governance concepts. They've combined information technology with insights from social sciences and cultivated democratic and accountable programs like Gitcoin Grants, the insanely successful COVID prevention policies in Taiwan, and, more generally, reimagined our social intersections in times of the internet. But, while an ever-extending backlog of radical ideas proves valuable in theory, we need builders like you to put them into action. 

The Ethereum blockchain platform is an invaluable sandbox to experiment with these social technologies. Ethereum is a Schelling point for the hopeful. It's a toolbox for the 'nobodies' we need: "Why is nobody building Quadratic Voting DAOs," or "why is nobody making data networks more value-aligned and transparent"? With Ethereum today, you can prototype political-economic institutional arrangements in a weekend that would've required years of over-organized bureaucratic process development in the past. Ethereum shows that political economies can improve just as information technologies do.

In this hackathon, together with close partners of the Gitcoin ecosystem, we've put up prizes worth $180k for the nobodies society needs to network people in the spirit of the original promises of democracy, markets, and the internet. So let's build new Shelling points that genuinely augment our collaborative intelligence: Jump ships and set sail, hackers. Together, let's type out the answers we all need and change the world for the better.


1/21 @ 1 PM PST Accessing Multi-Chain Data with One Unified API

Walkthrough of the Covalent API including hackathon resources, code templates and a multi-chain demo.

Happening via Airmeet: https://www.airmeet.com/e/3a2b7620-6c90-11ec-88ea-3b3004aeaf9c

Add to Calendar here: http://evt.to/aauduiodw

1/21 @ 2PM PST Programming Cross- and Multichain NFTs With Fluence And Aqua

In this workshop, we present the open Fluence p2p protocol, network and open source tooling including Aqua, Fluence's peer-to-peer programming language. Moreover, we dive into code to illustrate the use of Fluence and Aqua to create distributed services and compose them into peer-to-peer protocols and applications.

Add to Calendar here: http://evt.to/aauduiosw

1/26 @ 8 AM CST(China Standard Time) CyberConnect Gitcoin SPV Hackathon Workshop

-CyberConnect team is hosting a workshop for Gitcoin developers. Feel free to come here, meet dev team, other participants, ask questions, get inspirations and maybe other great opportunities waiting for you! Set a calendar time and don't miss it!

Add to Calendar here: http://evt.to/aaimaoaew

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