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heart 0.4 ETH
Heart by @Octavian
creative 0.3 ETH
Creative by @Octavian
infinite_energy 0.3 ETH
Infinite Energy by @Octavian
impossible_object 0.2 ETH
Impossible Object by @Octavian
trusted_contributor 0.2 ETH
Trusted Contributor by @Octavian
bug_finder 0.3 ETH
Bug Finder by @Octavian
foundation 0.2 ETH
Foundation by @Octavian
oddjobs 0.2 ETH
Oddjobs by @Octavian
bug_eliminator 0.3 ETH
Bug Eliminator by @Octavian
burst_of_energy 0.3 ETH
Burst Of Energy by @Octavian
diamond 0.4 ETH
Diamond by @Octavian
backend_architect 0.2 ETH
Backend Architect by @Octavian