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capitalism_checkmated 0.01 ETH
Capitalism Checkmated by @l-kh
public_goods 0.002 ETH
Public Goods by @biuxmaster
the_guardian 0.002 ETH
The Guardian by @biuxmaster
capitalism 0.002 ETH
Capitalism by @biuxmaster
barcode_consume 0.002 ETH
Barcode Consume by @biuxmaster
capitalism_checkmated 0.01 ETH
Capitalism Checkmated by @l-kh
capitalist_vs_publicgoods 0.01 ETH
Capitalist Vs Publicgoods by @l-kh
public_goods_mechanism 0.005 ETH
Public Goods Mechanism by @l-kh
love_the_earth 0.005 ETH
Love The Earth by @virtual-face
grant_public_goods 0.01 ETH
Grant Public Goods by @l-kh
solarbot 0.005 ETH
Solarbot by @kvndlgs
broadcasting 0.005 ETH
Broadcasting by @writeprovidence
ranger-bot 0.005 ETH
Ranger-bot by @kvndlgs
public_health 0.005 ETH
Public Health by @writeprovidence
public_goods_bots#2 0.075 ETH
Public Goods Bots#2 by @daledesign
love_the_nature 0.005 ETH
Love The Nature by @virtual-face
gitcoin_transport 0.005 ETH
Gitcoin Transport by @l-kh
sanitation 0.001 ETH
Sanitation by @kushmd
justice_bot 0.003 ETH
Justice Bot by @elliottjobmann
clean_air 0.005 ETH
Clean Air by @l-kh
stethoscope_bot 0.002 ETH
Stethoscope Bot by @elliottjobmann
nature 0.001 ETH
Nature by @kushmd
rangerbot 0.005 ETH
Rangerbot by @kvndlgs
solar 0.005 ETH
Solar by @kvndlgs