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galaxy_brain 0.005 ETH
Galaxy Brain by @lenexyyy
mythx_beta_champs_kudos 0.1 ETH
Mythx Beta Champs Kudos by @Mladen
smart_contract 0.01 ETH
Smart Contract by @guistf
mythx_platform 0.03 ETH
Mythx Platform by @guistf
genius 0.05 ETH
paulgraham 0.002 ETH
Paulgraham by @contentcreatorok
chainlink_security_bug_bounty_program_launch 0.001 ETH
Chainlink Security Bug Bounty Program Launch by @jdorfman
loopbot2 0.001 ETH
Loopbot2 by @gilsoncarlos
pixelated_smart_city 0.001 ETH
Pixelated Smart City by @l-kh
baldr 0.001 ETH
Baldr by @aneopsy
paulgraham 0.002 ETH
Paulgraham by @contentcreatorok
mythxperts_maven 0.1 ETH
Mythxperts Maven by @EtherDotBlue
mythxperts_masters 0.1 ETH
Mythxperts Masters by @EtherDotBlue
mythxperts_apprentice 0.1 ETH
Mythxperts Apprentice by @EtherDotBlue
rsk 0.002 ETH
Rsk by @mladen