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bot-summerbeach 0.003 ETH
Bot-summerbeach by @hanaa8
infrastructure 0.015 ETH
Infrastructure by @amta-hama
gitcoin_brokenbot 0.005 ETH
Gitcoin Brokenbot by @amta-hama
eco-enertgy 0.01 ETH
Eco-enertgy by @fkhita
water-for-humanity 0.01 ETH
Water-for-humanity by @fkhita
hospital_care 0.01 ETH
Hospital Care by @nieldelmartin
parks4all 0.005 ETH
Parks4all by @nanshulot
clean_energy 0.005 ETH
Clean Energy by @nieldelmartin
eyebot 0.01 ETH
Eyebot by @fkhita
doggy 0.02 ETH
Doggy by @fkhita
bothead 0.004 ETH
Bothead by @nanshulot
alien_bot 0.011 ETH
Alien Bot by @zak102
pixelated-bot 0.012 ETH
Pixelated-bot by @hamzaghz
buzz_pixelated 0.01 ETH
Buzz Pixelated by @hamzaghz
mario_time 0.004 ETH
Mario Time by @zintline
eth-laptop 0.005 ETH
Eth-laptop by @kayzou001
eth-coin 0.003 ETH
Eth-coin by @kayzou001
eth-vr 0.006 ETH
Eth-vr by @kayzou001
digital-hand 0.01 ETH
Digital-hand by @Nanshulot