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Our mission is to build and fund digital public goods

We empower communities of builders to connect and work together to create the future of the open web.

Fostering the Open Web

Open Internet

We represent the spirit of the open web, with P2P communities building open source code, sharing open data, and adopting open governance.

Open Source

The world runs on open source protocols. On Gitcoin, open source builders earn while working in a culture of collaboration.

Open Economies

Build open Web3 technologies that support the goals of financial freedom, shared ownership, and collaborative determination.

A community of deep ties and aligned values

We center a community of builders who value developing meaningful connections with each other and the broader Web3 ecosystem.

Join us as we build open source projects that create collaborative and financial opportunities for our generation and the next.

The Future of Public Goods

Over the last four years, tens of thousands of builders all over the globe have worked together to start, fund, and scale open source projects on Gitcoin. This community is rapidly growing in size and influence, aligned towards a future state where digital public goods are appropriately funded.

The Gitcoin Ethos

Learn more about our mission, ethos, and what we’re doing to bring the future of the open web.

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Quadratic Funding for Colorado - ETHDenver 2022

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Ethers Phoenix - ETHAustin 2022

ImpactDAOs - Schelling Point Amsterdam 2022

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