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Grow open source
Grow Open Source
At Gitcoin, we build products that allow for better
incentivized collaboration in the realm of open source software
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    TOWN SQUARE A Web3-enabled social networking bazaar. Gitcoin offers social features that uses mechanism design create a community that #GivesFirst. Get Started 100s of posts per day | See Results
    DISCORD Reach your favorite Gitcoiner's in realtime.. Gitcoin Chat is hosted on Discord, and is an option to connect with your favorite Gitcoiners in realtime. Get Started 100s of DAUs | See Results
    HACKATHONS Hack with the best companies in web3. Gitcoin offers Virtual Hackathons about once a month; Earn Prizes by working with some of the best projects in the decentralization space. Get Started 1-3 hacks/month worth $40k/mo | See Results
    GRANTS Sustainable funding for open source Gitcoin Grants are a fast, easy & secure way to provide recurring token contributions to your favorite OSS maintainers. Plus, with our NEW quarterly $100k+ matching funds it's now even easier to fund your OSS work! Get Started over $1mm in GMV | See Results
    KUDOS Show your appreciation with collectible tokens Kudos is a way of showing your appreciation to another Gitcoin member. It's also a way to showcase special skills that a member might have. Get Started 1200+ kudos sent/month | See Results
    BOUNTIES Solve bounties. Get paid. Contribute to open source Collaborate and monetize your skills while working on Open Source projects through bounties. Get Started $25k/mo | See Results
    KERNEL Accelerate your web3 entrepreneurial career. An exciting 8 week fellowship program for experienced entrepreneurs, top hackers, and elite Gitcoin builders in the early stages of building or joining Web3 companies. Get Started 100s of top devs | See Results
    MATCHING ENGINE Find the Right Dev. Every Time. It's not about finding *a* developer. It's about finding *the right developer for your needs*. Our matching engine powers each of our products, and can target the right community members for you. Get Started Matching 20k devs/mo | See Results
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    QUESTS Engaging Onboarding Experiences for the Web3 Ecosystem Gitcoin Quests is a fun, gamified way to learn about the web3 ecosystem, earn rewards, and level up your decentralization-fu! Get Started over 3000 plays/month | See Results

Optimizing the OSS Lifecycle

Each of our products helps optimize the OSS Lifecycle so that things can look more like this.

OSS Cycle with Gitcoin